Legal and Fiscal Mission

When setting up a business, you also have to remember that there will be different legal aspects. Also, you will be influenced by the fiscal policies and regulations of that period. As a result, you need a professional service provider to help you handle the legal and fiscal aspects of your business.

At NasaFacs, we understand the problems faced by each client in finding practical solutions to their day-to-day affairs. Handling legal contracts and additional documentation can be a lot of extra work. However, failure to pay attention to certain key legal aspects of your business can be dangerous for your state of affairs. You don’t want to get ripped off and trapped in poor deals. That’s why we have opted to take such burdens and obligations off your neck. We also understand that it can be difficult to keep up with fiscal policies. As a result, we have designed this service to help you out.

What is Our Legal and Fiscal Mission?

NasaFacs provides professional expertise to different companies, especially small startups, to help them handle their legal and tax needs. We do this by helping out with administrative work. By supporting and finding out essential details about the administration of your company, we will have a clearer view of how our input would help you. Also, we ensure that all transactions are done according to corporate law. These transactions could include; choice of legal form, capital increase, merger, company formation, report preparation of executive boards, and general meetings.

Furthermore, we help set up contracts and leases, including establishing tax declarations. If you are confused about any legal and fiscal issues, we can help to clarify them and let you know exactly what’s going on. If you also need a tax audit, we’re ready to help. As a part of our duties, NasaFacs will perform a contractual audit of tax management depending on the text and strategies chosen by the company.

Finally, you’ll be surprised to find out that we can also help sort out the tax situation for your brand, including setting up the CSR reporting process. Our legal and fiscal responsibilities result from multiple years of training, technical expertise, and financial acumen. We have developed different aspects of our business to help you out. As a result, we believe that helping you out is crucial to our success.